Cold Drawn Steel and Benefits of Cold Drawn Steel Products

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The production method of cold drawing is nothing but a precision process of decreasing the cross-sectional diameter of the tube by cold drawing method through smaller dies without pre-heating the material to increase its tensile strength. The process will be used to make or shape a variety of different bars in both regular steel and stainless steel.


Different Cold Drawing Process

  • Deep drawing and Shallow drawing
  • Bar drawing
  • Tube drawing
  • Wire drawing


Benefits of cold drawn

There are several benefits of using cold drawn steel parts. Most likely and the most important benefit is that cold-drawn steel parts have tighter tolerances and improved straightness. Another advantage is that the improved surface end. One will simply tell a difference between a hot rolled bar and a cold-rolled bar just from its appearance. Improved mechanical properties and better yield and tensile strengths are also major edges of cold-drawn steel. All of those edges add up to the last major advantage that is cost-effectiveness.

  • Manufactured with a more accurate measurement along with sharper corner.
  • Improved yield strength and tensile strength.
  • Cold drawn steel parts have improved surface finish.
  • Reduce machining losses.
  • Cost-effective.

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